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3 Simple Steps To Buyer Centricity

3 Simple Steps To Buyer Centricity

By NewsCred Brand Strategist Caitlin Domke Last month, over 450 B2B marketers gathered in Scottsdale, AZ, at the Content2Conversion conference to hear from industry leaders and experts on how to optimize content to reach the right audience. While conversations throughout the event hit on several marketing hot topics – from working with influencers to aligning sales and marketing teams – there See all stories on this topic

Content Marketing ROI Starts With A Strong Business Case

Content Marketing ROI is probably the biggest question I get from marketers who are struggling to build their own business case internally. We know our customers are tuning out advertising. And we know that as consumers, we are all consuming more information online. We are looking to get informed and we are looking to be entertained. And we don’t care where the content comes from. But we areSee all stories on this topic

Google Algorithm Updates – Making or Breaking Your Web Traffic?

Google Algorithm Updates – Making or Breaking Your Web Traffic?See all stories on this topic

Make sure to include links to other pages of your site from within your site. While it doesn’t rank quite as highly to the engines as inbound links, having links within your page will give you a slight boost. With Search engine optimization every little bit counts plus it helps keep readers on your site longer as they explore additional content.

Having a blog will keep your website new and fresh and will help your ranking with search engines. Search engines crawl through websites to find new, updated content. Blogs that get crawled more frequently have more authority and a higher ranking. If you blog, you are ensuring you will constantly have new content.

If site protocol allows, include one link inside the body of the article that leads to information on your site. Scammers steal articles and often post them without making any changes. With a link leading to you placed inside the article, even stolen articles can be of benefit to you.

29 Amazing Content Marketing Quotes To Inspire You

In our Strategy work, we help brands build and hone their content strategies, taking into consideration their marketing goals, brand positioning, and the competitive landscape. In our research and conversations, we’ve come across insights from top marketers, business leaders, and content experts that have educated, motivated, and inspired us. Here are some of our favorites content marketingSee all stories on this topic

Marketing a Business Online – A Website Tutorial

Marketing a Business Online – A Website Tutorial: If you’re serious about marketing a business online, you need an attractive website. If you don’t have a website or blog, your competitors probably do. They’ll easily win sales that could be YOURS. So, here’s how to get a website setup – along with a few tips, suggestions, and even warnings…See all stories on this topic

Brainstorming Exercise for the Aspiring Ebook Writer

Brainstorming Exercise for the Aspiring Ebook WriterSee all stories on this topic

Keyphrases are becoming more important than keywords. Two or three word phrases are the best. If starting a new site, and you are not established with a keyword, you will never get to a top position with a new keyword. That is why it is important to use a keyphrase. Pick a keyphrase that has a lot of demand, but little supply.

Search engine optimization is not a one-time job or a seasonal chore. Keep SEO in mind constantly, and devote a little time every day to tweaking your links and content for better search engine ranking. You do not need to obsess over SEO constantly, but every time you add new content to your site you should give it a little consideration from an SEO standpoint.

You will want to make sure to add captions with any images that you put on your site. The captions should be keyword rich so that the spiders will be able to locate them when they are searching your site. The keywords can be used within phrases or by themselves.

A Simple Way for Nonprofit Leaders To Incorporate Mindfulness Into Their Daily Work

Yesterday,  I had the honor of being a guest facilitator at a transformative leadership retreat with colleagues Heather McLeod Grant, Chris Block, Lance Fors, and David Havens.   The retreat curriculum is built around the a framework  called “I-WE-IT” that covers mindsets and practical skills that today’s social change leaders of all generations need as we move towards more collective See all stories on this topic

Do You Need A Mobile Responsive Website?

Did you have a notice in your Google Webmaster Tools letting you know that your site isn’t mobile responsive? If you did, don’t panic! Earlier this year Google search listings started to show the phrase “mobile friendly” under the site name in search listings. This indicates to searchers that they will be able to read the […]
The post Do You Need A Mobile Responsive See all stories on this topic

5 Storytelling Lessons From Game of Thrones

Did you watch the Season 5 opener? Well I am totally obsessed about HBO’s The Game of Thrones. Not only is it just great programming. It’s also an amazing opportunity to learn about the art of storytelling and apply that to your brand’s desire to connect with your own target audience. Just in time for the season 5 opener, Lauren B. Mangiaforte shares these 5 Storytelling LessonSee all stories on this topic

When people subscribe to your emails, ask them for some basic information like their birthday. Then, every year on their birthday send them a Happy Birthday email. This will create a personal connection and make your customers think you care. If customers think you care about them, they’re more likely to come back for repeat business.

Use categories to separate your site as it grows. This not only helps search engines direct people to the exact part of your site they are looking for, but it also helps established readers find their favorite content quickly and efficiently. Categorize your site with keywords to watch your site hits grow.

Are The Days Of Mad Men And Big Ideas Dead Or Alive?

Most business people would agree that the digital, social, mobile age has caused massive impacts to the marketing function. If our goal is creating customers, then we know that customers have become harder to reach. If our goal is to define the insights that drive product innovation, then we know that online and offline communications are exploding and increasing every day. This makes it harder toSee all stories on this topic

Google De-indexing Threat Drives Safer Linkbuilding Methods

Google De-indexing Threat Drives Safer Linkbuilding MethodsSee all stories on this topic

A Few Good Tools To Manage Your Online Professional Network Connections

The last two posts I published on professional networking, “Smart Professional Networking Online” and “Tidying Your Online Connections” prompted some great discussion when I shared on Facebook. Heidi Ketroser Massey and Nancy Schwartz asked about tools to help manage the process.… Read MoreSee all stories on this topic

The simplest way to ascertain your keyword strength relative to that of your competitors, is to spend time online searching and ranking your site’s online presence, based upon the top 100 results generated by each of the top search engines. These tests should be completed periodically to reflect changing search engine algorithms, which tend to shake things up a bit.

Entertain many different options for posting links that can bring traffic back to your site, including press releases, articles, blogs, forums in your niche and directory submissions. Utilize outbound links to your advantage. These links will eventually rate you higher in search engine results.

A web page meta tag is where you include a description of what the page is all about. Instead of just a few words like you would include in the title tag, the meta tag has room for a few well constructed sentences. For effective search engine optimization, don’t simply repeat what you already have in the title tag!

What Improvisation Can Teach Social Change Leaders

This post follows yesterday’s post about networked leadership skills.   I had the honor of being a guest facilitator at a transformative leadership retreat with colleagues Heather McLeod Grant, Chris Block, Lance Fors, and David Havens – I got to teach but more importantly got to learn from amazing people.  … Read MoreSee all stories on this topic

Nonprofits Need To Nurture the Next Generation of New Leaders

Flickr Photo by Wesley Fryer

Note from Beth: This year I’ve been focusing more and more on leadership professional development in a networked world and finding myself working more and more with younger leaders in the nonprofit sector.     Recently,  I was chatting with Joan Garry, a consultant who works with current nonprofit leaders about the ways that nonprofits need to change in ordSee all stories on this topic

Blogging: 50 ideas for discovering your niche, USP and voice

Jump into a blogging without first doing a little research and a little planning will be the kiss of death for your blog. Not having your unique voice and a unique selling proposition (USP) can mean your blog will be yet another “me too” blog. Use these 50 tips to discover the right niche for […]
The post Blogging: 50 ideas for discovering your niche, USP and voice appeared firstSee all stories on this topic

When writing a SEO inspired article, do not let the SEO aspect completely take over. Even if you are writing the article to drive traffic, sometimes a real person will read the article and you do not want to give this reader the wrong idea about you or your business.

When you post articles on article directories as an SEO practice, remember that the article represents you and your business. Your name is on the article, and you are hoping that the article will encourage people to visit your page and do business with you. For this reason, you should strive to be sure your articles are well-written and contain interesting, pertinent content.

This article has made it clear to you that there are many ways to skin a cat when it comes to SEO. You may not need to apply all these tips in order to increase your ranking, or you may have to apply even more. It all depends on your site’s market and other factors. You should just focus on using these tips for the time being if you want a solid start.

Meet Gen Z Philanthropist Sejal Makheja, Founder Elevator Project

Perhaps you’ve been reading about Gen Z and that they’re tech savvy, passionate about doing good, and might just shake up philanthropy.    I recently read an article in the New York Times about conference for Gen Z who were learning entrepreneurial skills.… Read MoreSee all stories on this topic

6 tips to lift the blogging weight from your shoulders

There’s no question about it – blogging takes time and energy. If you’re an entrepreneur with a daily to-do list as long as your arm, you may decided you don’t have the time to update your blog. However, if you’re blogging the right way, it will be your day’s most important task, and you’ll regret […]
The post 6 tips to lift the blogging weight from yourSee all stories on this topic

Please Donate to Help Nepal’s Earthquake Victims Now

The devastating earthquake in Nepal has killed more than 2,400 people and injured about 5,900, residents so far (as reported in the NY Times on Sunday).  Please donate to help Nepal’s Earthquake Victims now.
On Saturday morning, I got a news alert on my mobile phone that there had been a devastating 7.9 earthquake in Nepal.  … Read MoreSee all stories on this topic

When designing your website, focus more on long-term SEO efforts than short-term. Long-term SEO efforts mean designing high-quality content and updating your site regularly, in order to encourage linking. Short-term SEO focuses on beating the search engine algorithms. The flaw there is that those algorithms are constantly changing, while users’ desire for good content is continuous.

If you plan to retire or change your URL try to use a 301 redirect. This code is beneficial. The 404, or “Page Not Found” code can be damaging. A code 301 will tell your various search engines where they should transfer your old URLs search engine results page position to.

Take care when using your social media presence to boost your main site’s PageRank. The data you provide on your social media pages (e.g. Facebook and Twitter bios) should dovetail with the main keywords of your website. This establishes a relationship between the two that can help improve the positioning of both your social media presence and your main site.

50 tips to help you have more marketing fun with Pinterest
Pinterest is a very visual, very popular social media site and it’s a great place to share the images of things you find, as well as a great place to find the stuff that interests you. Business bloggers can take advantage of using Pinterest’s huge following to build relationships and drive traffic back to their […]
The post 50 tips to help you have more marketing fun with Pinterest appeaSee all stories on this topic

What Is Thought Leadership? And When You Should Use It?
Few terms raise the ire of the buzzword police more than thought leadership. But what is thought leadership? When should you consider using it, and how do you balance the talent and experience of your team with the humility and authenticity today’s audiences demand? Let’s start by getting on the same page. What Is Thought Leadership? I define thought leadership as a type of content maSee all stories on this topic

50 ways to Build Meaningful Connections on LinkedIn
Linkedin is one of those places you love or your hate, but you cannot deny that’s its good for driving traffic to your blog or a great way for to build meaningful connections. This post shares 50 ways to build meaningful connections on LinkedIn, if you like it, please share the post. If you want to connect […]
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Search engine optimization is critical when trying to generate traffic to your website. Whether you’re a business owner, a personal blog owner, or just someone with a profession in art that wants to show off your work, optimizing your site to perform well in search rankings, may just be essential to your success. Read the tips below to help you make the most of your efforts:

In order to optimize incoming links to raise your search engine rankings, try to have links to different parts of your website, not just your homepage. Search engine spiders read links to different parts of your site, as meaning that your site is full of useful and relevant content and therefore, ranks it higher.

Spend as much time as you need to narrow down the best keywords that are connected to your website. The wider the variety of keywords that can be tied to your website, the more often it is going to be brought up in a search engine by multiple users, in a small amount of time.

How to Curate Content That Actually Matters

How to Curate Content That Actually Matters

Provides an excellent base to use in developing your own content curation strategy. Definitely worth the read if you are considering content curation as part of your online marketing strategy

You know, there’s a reason Facebook is so addictive. At many times, Facebook seems to know what we’re interested in better than we do. It’s not just happenstance. Far from it. Facebook is easily the master of personalized content curation, a practice Beth Kanter defines as, “The process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme.”

The 4 Challenges of Curating Content

Facebook’s goal in curating content is to keep you on Facebook. But you, too, can use this strategy to draw in an audience and keep them on your website. Of course, curating content is not without its challenges. According to a recent infographic, marketers say the top four challenges are:

Having the time. (75%)
Creating original content. (73%)
Finding good content. (56%)
Allocating staff. (39%)

Time and staffing solutions are on you, but we can address the issues of originality and quality below…

Content Curation As Marketing: 4 Steps

Step One: Determine who your audience is. Are you curating content for leads? Are you trying to keep your current clients interested in your brand? Prepping customers for the launch of a new product line? Maybe a little bit of all three? It’s important to have a clear picture of your audience before you start curating.

Step Two: Find original, high quality content. There’s so much content out there that wading through the junk and finding a treasure can be a little challenging. Finding a quality piece that hasn’t already been hurled through the BuzzFeed/Mashable/HuffPost mill… Now that’s an even bigger challenge. Find smaller sources – specific to your own industry – that you can scour regularly for quality content.

Step Three: Don’t repost. Remix. Copy-and-pasting a link to an article or video on your Twitter is easy. So easy, in fact, that… well… a lot of people just have bots do the job for them. In the world of marketing, “easy” and “effective” don’t usually go in the same sentence. So, avoid the copy-and-paste rut. Instead, remix the content. Say something about it. Organize it in a different way. Put your own interesting spin on the original. In other words…

Step Four: Make it worth the user’s time! Well-curated content is useful to the user. Very few people are coming to your site because they’re curious about what you’re up to. Rather, they’re curious to see what you have for them. If you aren’t providing value, then you’re not curating; you’re just copying.

Paul McNamara / Staff Writer – As we enter an era when content leads the marketing efforts of brands and drives traffic to publishers, the idea of curation will be many marketer’s most coveted skill. As John Munsell , CEO of Bizzuka said , “If content is king, conversation is queen.” Curation, a word that has come under heavy scrutiny in recent years after its meaning was appropriated by the internet world, still has a lot to teach us. But rather than riffing on its assumpted meaning, let’s look at the real practitioners of curation – art curators themselves. Here in New York, that curation is on display in innovative ways. “ NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star ,” on view at the New Museum through May 26 offers a new take on the craft of curation: providing a time capsule into the art, pop culture, and politics of a time when Ross and Rachel were still “a thing,” and Salt ‘n’ Pepper topped the charts. The show was everything 1993:  Bosnian conflict, impeachment, gay rights, AIDS, violence against women, technology, youth culture, and the first blog post ever. For those in the marketing space, it was a lesson in point of view. Good curation is about creating a unified mood from non-unified pieces. “NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star” derives it’s unique point of view and generates interest through insightful curation. The museum kicked off it’s new exhibit with a press preview a few weeks ago, which is when I saw the stunning, emotionally intense retrospective of a year’s art in one city. Curating by year yields a show with a marked contrast to those sorted by theme or school of thought. Pieces by superstars such as Annie Liebowitz and Felix Gonzalez-Torres hung next to previously undiscovered works from equally undiscovered artists. The collection pulls it’s name from a Sonic Youth album that curator Massimiliano Giani explained embodied the thrust of the time. So what can content marketers learn from the way museum curators select from a vast wealth of online content? Here are three tools to add to your curator toolbelt. 1. Do the work for your audience Curators achieved the harmonious whole of “NYC 1993” by understanding what each piece meant in terms of establishing the feel of the exhibit – I didn’t know exactly why each piece belonged in the show, […]

Making sure you follow proper curation etiquette is crucial for both SEO and legal reasons. This article discusses copyright infringement as well as bad social media and its impact to you for not doing so.  With content curation becoming an important tool to branding and authority sites, this topic is very timely and relevant.  Please leave your thoughts below…

Content curationAs a follow-up to our previous post,  How to Curate Content without Stealing , let’s take a look at why ethics needs to be taken seriously on social media by highlighting some consequences of copyright infringements. (Image screenshot of listing on  Content Curation Marketing .)

Cheers to ethical content curation!!

Time to cut to the chase, so…

Consequences of Copyright Infringement and bad Social Media Ethics  Reputation and Credibility

As a media and communications job seeker, your credibility is what will make or break your career. If you ever get caught stealing content (including images) off another site without proper credit, there goes your reputation. As Warren Buffet said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”

Can anyone really afford another 20 years to build a brand new reputation? (Image courtesy of ) Law Suit Depending on the country where the plaintiff’s and your business is conducted and the type of copyright infringed, charges will vary accordingly.

Even if you get away with a small fine, a legal case is bad for businesses, be it yours or your organizations. From a public relations perspective, your job is to prevent crisis situations, not create one and a copyright law suit in my opinion is one of the most careless way to be throwing away your hard earned reputation and credibility.

Legal Case study

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