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A successful content strategy requires a mix of original, curated and syndicated content. However, marketers sometimes don’t always have the time or resources to create this optimal mix.

While marketers spend approximately 28% of their time on content marketing, they said they’d spend nearly half of their time on content marketing efforts if time limitations didn’t exist, according to research from Trapit .

The content discovery, curation and analysis service provider is addressing these content marketing challenges by merging with Addvocate , a content marketing platform designed to help employees produce, curate and share content.

The combined company — renamed Addvocate-Trapit — is positioned to offer a cloud-based subscription service that includes: A content library of more than 100,000 content sources;

The option to receive a real-time feed of timely content based on a variety of topics; and

Automated analytics that identify which content is working best among target audiences.

With the merger news, Addvocate-Trapit also announced the closing of $10 million in Series B funding, led by Rogers Venture Partners. Several Trapit investors, including Astro Digital Sdn Bhd, Southeast Asia’s largest satellite broadcast company, also providing funding to the company.

The cloud-based subscription service will empower organizations to turn their employees and partners into brand advocates and thought leaders, helping them produce and share content among their followers and further amplify the company’s brand message. The service can also format shareable content for social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+.

Through its proprietary library, Addvocate-Trapit will enable marketers to develop a unique voice, providing useful and significant content to social followers. Content sources include blogs, professional journals, news services, magazines, podcasts and more than 10,000 video channels. All sources are examined and approved by human editors to ensure only high quality, original content is provided.

“For the first time, marketers now have a single platform that provides a complete workflow for the discovery, curation, delivery, amplification, and analysis of unique content, eliminating the massive time and dollar investment required to create all original brand content,” said Gary Griffiths, CEO of the combined company and Co-Founder of Trapit. “No longer do marketers need to manage dozens of disparate marketing tools to initiate and analyze their engagement with their target audiences.”

One of the biggest struggles small business owners have in managing local Internet marketing is how to product enough content to engage customers on social media, email, their website and target the right content for search engines. Content Curation For Your Local Marketing

The key is to realize that you don’t have to produce all the content yourself, but instead curate content for your local marketing.   Curation means:

> Adding your own voice (writing one sentence to longer posts)

Publishing and syndicating it out to every local touch point social, email, web, search, mobile, etc. (using our local marketing platform LocalCast , for example)

Content Curation Tools

If you are looking for a great set of tools to supercharge your local marketing strategy, we recommend our blog that covers  content curation tool reviews .   In it you will see how to use social media, blogs as a content curation source and leverage automation tools to help you generate ideas.   

Remember what Pablo Picasso said, "Good artists copy, great artists steal."

Quick Tips For Curating Social Selling Content

Quick Tips For Curating Social Selling Content image Quick Tips for Curating Content 400×266.jpg 300×199 Content sharing is an indisputably important part of the social selling process, but it can be difficult to create the amount of content you need to generate successful conversations on social. These tips will guide you in developing and managing a content curation process that helps limit the amount of original content you need to create.

1. Use Reputable Sources
Knowing where to find great content can be a struggle, so ease the process for yourself by leveraging reputable sources that you know you can trust. This may include your company’s social accounts, thought leaders, well-known publications in your industry, and partners of your company.

2. Personalize Content By Network
It may be true that your audiences on both Twitter and LinkedIn are interested in the same topics, but that doesn’t mean you should share the exact same posts on both networks. Take a minute to read Kristen Lawrence’s post, “Thinking of Posting a Tweet to LinkedIn? Read This First.” It has great tips for making sure your content is optimized for the each network.

3. Attribute, Attribute, Attribute!
One of the most important things you can do when sharing curated content is to give credit where credit is due. Tying content back to its original author or publisher has many benefits including building good will and increasing the likelihood your content will receive social engagement.

4. Focus On Evergreen Content
Fresh content is great, but if that is what you’re focused on finding when curating posts then your options will be severely limited. Instead, try to find content that will stand the test of time. Not only will this make it easier to find content, it will also broaden your opportunities for sharing.

5. Schedule Curated Posts
A great feature of curating evergreen content is that it gives you the chance to schedule posts in advance, allowing you to get the most out of your time spent searching for content. Try to limit yourself to scheduling content 5-7 days in advance and if you are in a frequently changing industry be sure to regularly review the relevance of your content before it posts.

6. Leverage tools

Storing and scheduling content can be a pain if you don’t have access to a tool that can help manage the curation […]

ClickSnap SEO announces the launch of their new White Label SEO Agency Packages, ClickSnap SEO – White Label SEO beginning 12/16/2014. White Label SEO Agencies that are looking for an ideal all in one White Label SEO software solution can purchase a ClickSnapSEO White Label Agency SEO package. 

The sign up page detailing full service availability and pricing can be found here:

ClickSnap SEO – White Label SEO is designed to address the most common issues faced by SEO Agencies when choosing a White Label SEO solution that can allow ease of use while enabling the ability to get consistent SEO results , all while managing a large number of clients while staying organized. 

The service includes:

Fully automated site monitoring – The Whitelabel SEO dashboard allows clients to input ALL of the clients URL’s including their main website , blogs, social profiles and citations cites.

Fully automated customer reporting – Daily reporting is updated automatically in the dashboard of the tool as well as automatic weekly keyword rank tracking and traffic and conversions tracking in real time, the tool allows for full Google analytics integration and sends weekly updates to the clients email inbox…all without lifting a finger.

Auto content curation – Clients can pick and choose from industry and keyword level content monitor feeds and curate any and all content that is desirable to any web property in the dashboard, all fully compliant with Googles TOS and with almost no effort at all, the software allows automatic anchor text backlink insertion in any article, post or share and allows for syndication to any other social or blog profiles contained within the software dashboard, customers never need to search for or create relevant Google endorsed content ever again.

Chad Wood, CEO of ClickSnapSEO, had this to say about the White Label Dashboard Features :

“Clicksnap SEO provides a unique all in one high powered SEO agency tool that can be used to monitor and report on every single facet of a clients campaign and make reporting and scaling of campaigns a breeze”.

Those interested in learning more about the company and the white label agency packages and services that ClickSnapSEO provides can do so on the company website at <a href=" . 

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the service listing, here: .For more information about us, please visit Contact Info: Name: Chad Wood Email: Organization: ClickSnap SEO Address: 1 […]

How To Automate Your Business Growth Online

By Sweta Patel

Are you facing a drought in leads in your pipeline? The holidays have always been a great time to get a new group of customers through the door, especially B2B customers.

Here are a few techniques I have used to grow my business: Zapier Your Way To New Business

Zapier is an automation workflow tool, which allows you to connect two services. For example, if I want to set up a Twitter hashtag search and make it go to my Google Docs, then I can trigger the Twitter search to import into my Google docs. San Diego-based marketing entrepreneur Sweta Patel. How does this help your business? First create a “zap” by deciding on the trigger and the action. If you need more help on setting this up, then read more about  creating Zaps .

The first way to use this tool is to trigger an RSS feed into your Google documents. For example Reddit supports RSS feeds by adding a simple “.rss” to any subreddit URL. For example, subreddit event marketing jobs  r/event and the feed URL would be: . Another place to look would be  Authentic Jobs and get the RSS feed URL for any search. Check this one out for  Marketing Jobs . When you point these feeds to your Google Doc, it will export all of the postings in there. What better way to create a hit list?

Best Practice: Set the trigger to be the RSS Newsfeed. Set the Action as the Google Docs. Then add specific keywords to filter out all the noise.  Twitter For New Business

Thousands of people are asking for recommendations on Twitter using phrases such as: “anyone know a good….”, “looking for a great” and “can anyone recommend…” Those requests can be opportunities for you. Use  Twitter advanced search to find these and even pick specific locations. For instance, I usually type in, “anyone know” marketing and I get results like this:  Twitter Advanced Search for Marketing Jobs .

Many times people need something urgently. In that case, use search terms like: “Desperately need a marketer” or “Urgent, need a marketing plan.” This is the best way to find clients in need. In the search add “urgent AND marketer need” to get results and then respond.

Best Practice: In Zapier, set the trigger as a search mention via Twitter. The search terms should include your niche and words such as “urgent,” “anyone know,” etc. Then the custom filters should include your location. The action can be […]

Today’s businesses need online profiles, and having a simple website with your products, services and contact information just isn’t going to cut it in the modern world of marketing. Upping Your Content Curation Game #contentmarketing Content curation is one of the easiest, most cost-effective methods of attracting visitors to your site and generating interest in your company.

The trick, however, is doing it well .

What is Content Curation, Anyway?

Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and organizing it in a meaningful way .

You’re sharing relevant articles, news stories and editorials in a fresh way, and it allows your site to add interesting content faster and more efficiently.

Why Content Matters

Staying relevant and visible in any industry is a challenge, and it takes hard work and commitment to get (and keep) your name out there.

Regular content curation allows your current readers and followers to access the latest trends in the industry, and smart SEO tactics can help to increase new visitors to your company’s site.

How Can Content Curation Help Your Business?

Adding content to your social media accounts and websites is an excellent marketing strategy that can prove beneficial in a variety of ways, such as: Expanding your own knowledge of the industry

Generating traffic to your site Customizing the user experience Keeping your site modern and relevant Giving your business an outlet to share ideas and platforms related to content Providing opportunities for increased customer interaction Allowing for free marketing and brand awareness Offering a more affordable option than original content creation By incorporating content on your site and in your brand’s voice, you will see measurable results in traffic, hits and general industry interest. Top Tips for Curating Content Anyone can add content to their sites, but doing it efficiently is a bit more challenging. Following these tips will allow sourced content to serve your company more effectively: 1. Implement Reader Services Several sourcing tools exist to help you search through daily content to find the articles that suit your target audience best.Some of the most prominent of these include:… although many people also curate content through major platforms such as Google Alerts , Pinterest and Twitter . 2. Be Discriminating in the Content You Share In order to achieve the most success, you’ll want […]

Twitter Content Curation Service

Get The Benefits of Twitter Marketing, Without The Time Drain

Our Content Curators Will Find The Very Best Blog Posts, Videos, And Web Pages And Tweet Them To Your Followers… Every Day. Five Times A Day, 7 Days a Week

If you want to build a large audience, gain their attention, and get them to take action , Twitter is a great place to do it… you can turn total strangers into followers, and then into customers, for free.

The key to Twitter is, and has always been, about delivering high-quality, relevant information on a consistent basis. Sharing great content with your Twitter followers helps you gain trust, get traffic, and connect with your market.

But Twitter Success requires daily action… If you are not on Twitter every day, multiple times a day, you become invisible. And once you lose the attention of your followers, it takes a lot of hard work to get it back.

Twitter is simple, there is no ‘hidden secret to Twitter success’, but most people find it difficult to keep up with the daily demands of Twitter marketing. Do you have extra time in your day, every day, to track down and share fresh content with your followers? Few people do.

That’s why we created our Twitter Content Curation service… You Will Never Lose The Attention Of Your Followers Even If You Take A Day, A Week, Or A Month Off

The First and Only Twitter Content Curation Service… High-quality, Relevant and Interesting Tweets Done For You

With our specially-trained, curators on your side, you will have a reliable base of relevant content going through your Twitter account.

Your curator will scour the Internet daily to discover the very best blog posts, videos, and web pages and tweet them to your followers — for you.

Your followers receive 5 tweets every day. The tweets are automatically delivered between the hours of 9am and 7pm US eastern time, 7 days a week. Simply Choose Your Topic, Set Up Your Account, And We’ll Take Over From There Here are the topics that are currently available… Self Improvement Social Marketing Health and Fitness Sustainable Living / Green Living If one of the above topics does not fit your target audience, click here to see the topics we have on our radar and let us know what topic you are interested in. All requests will be considered.The whole process is simple as […]

3 Simple Ways to Create Content In Minutes

&amp;lt;img alt=&quot;&quot; src=&quot;; width=&quot;618&quot; height=&quot;491&quot;/&amp;gt; – No doubt you have heard the saying “content is King” there are a number of claims that this is actually no longer the case! However you only need to look around the internet to discover that the vast majority of trainings, courses etc are all geared to exactly the same point…which is if you create valuable content you will be ahead of the vast majority.
Content can and does mean many different things to different people. Newbies may not actually be clear on exactly what this is. It can and does come in may guises: articles,videos,audio’s etc…simply put it is how we convey our message/training etc to our target niche.
Now let us be honest we all myself included have at one time or another sat in front of our computer just staring at a blank screen thinking…what the heck can I produce today of value to the market place!
Well here are 3 simple ways to help you create content
Watch out for Slippery Fish!
Have you ever had a great idea that you said…I will remember to put that into action at a later date only for it to slip from you mind…just like those pesky slippery fish that slip through your hands and regain their freedom?
Then get into the habit of always having something to record your thoughts and ideas…it could be a tablet or just good old pen and paper. It really does not matter the most important thing is capturing that thought or idea!
Then the next time you are stumped just look at your notes or listen to the recording you made.
Content Curation
This is just a nice fancy word for using one of the easiest methods to content creation. Simply put it is informing others exactly what you think about a piece of content that was created by someone else.
You just view, read or listen to the content then using your own words your share your thoughts about it. You inform your viewers/audience why they should/should not invest their time and or money in it themselves.
You could really provide value by pulling together several articles /recording etc…then summarize the most imports parts for your viewers / audience.
A really great way to provide massive value.

Whilst in the strictness sense this is not exactly content creation, it is a great […]

Content Curation and Content Aggregation – Can You Tell the Difference? Nothing makes a website more powerful and engaging than content that is well-thought through and aggregated for its target audience. There is no wonder why then Thirty percent of online users  consume news from a website or mobile app that organizes news stories for them like Pulse, Flipboard or Spun.

For a brand to resonate with its users or subscribers it must invest a good amount of time, effort and resources in separating the wheat from the chaff. In other words curating and aggregating content to promote the core values of your business. According to News Cred , a 2012 study from curation software company  Curata  found that 95 percent of content marketers had curated content in the past six months, an indicator of just how important it is to thoughtfully consider your choice of content curation.

According to the  same report , 85 percent of US marketers and agencies turn to content curation when establishing thought leadership – a jump from 79 percent the previous year, 80 percent leverage curation as way to elevate brand visibility or generate buzz and 65 percent turn to curation as a means of boosting SEO.

While these two strategies of advanced marketing sound pretty similar, let’s delve into the tenets that differentiate them for a better understanding –

> Automation

The term content aggregation, though may sound overwhelming is nothing but harnessing content from a gamut of sources across the web and publishing them on one single website, blog or platform. The automation triggered through RSS feeds provide a great benefit when it comes to updating content in real-time, as it is impossible to achieve this through manual content curation.

That’s why automation is not just a savior in times of a dire content curation crisis but is timely effective and most importantly scalable. There is no doubt that curation platforms have advanced radically over time, but there are yet more resource-intensive and relatively slower than the rest.

> Targeting

When choosing between content aggregation and content curation you need to be sure of the final output you expect to achieve.

So if you operate in an industry that demands your content to be niche, highly targeted, topic-oriented, along with real-time monitoring and updates, then content curation will do you good. Also when you know your campaign requires high quality content from known sources, curation will serve you […]

Is it possible that curation will takeaway from the content that you create? Is this a concern you should have when curating? These are questions we get often, especially with people who go through our Quick Start Package .

First up, there is no one person/company who owns all the ideas in a given niche. Curation allows you to participate in discussions, topics, and ideas that broaden your reach and allow people in your niche to discover you.

For instance, this curated post of an infographic created tons of email opt-ins and actual conversions for our product.

This infographic isn’t something we would have created or even wanted to create on our own. But I found it interesting and informative and knew a large part of our audience would find it valuable, especially with my commentary attached for context.


4-star restaurants aren’t known for their appetizers. They’re known for their world-class meals. Your content strategy should be the same.

The curations you serve should highlight the ideas you promote in your own unique content. Inline links within curated content, pointing to your original content, convert like crazy in our experience.


When your content has no heart.

When your content doesn’t have a unique perspective and parrots everything else in your market.

When your work is more noise than signal. Bad writing with bite converts better than polished writing with zero heart. This is why even classically educated copywriters feel free to butcher the English language. Content marketing is very much about serving your audience. Curation is an extension of this service. Good curation educates, informs, and entertains your audience, just as your created content should. photo credit .

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